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Lily Lake Arena

1208 S. Greeley St.
Stillwater, MN 55082

Phone: 651-439-1337

Driving Directions from Airport to St. Croix Valley Recreation Center

1. Start out going NORTHWEST on GLUMACK DR. Map go 0.4 mi
2. Turn SLIGHT LEFT toward RENTAL CAR RETURN. Map go 0.4 mi
3. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto GLUMACK DR. Map go 0.5 mi
4. Merge onto MN-5 W toward I-494 / BLOOMINGTON. Map go 1.2 mi
5. Merge onto I-494 E. Map go 16.8 mi
6. I-494 E becomes I-694 N. Map go 5.4 mi
7. Merge onto MN-36 E via EXIT 52B toward STILLWATER. Map go 5.6 mi
8. Take the MN-5 S / CR-5 N ramp. Map go 0.3 mi

9. Turn LEFT onto STILLWATER BLVD N / MN-5 N / CR-5 N. Continue to follow STILLWATER BLVD N / CR-5 N. Map go 0.7 mi
10. Turn RIGHT onto W ORLEANS ST. Map go 0.0 mi
11. Turn RIGHT onto MARKET DR. Map go 0.0 mi
12. 1675 MARKET DR is on the LEFT. Map go 0.0 mi

St. Croix Valley Recreation Center
Blizzard Rink & North Rink
1675 Market Dr, Stillwater, MN, 55082-7576
Total Travel Estimate : 31.27 miles - about 39 minutes

Located by Cub Foods

Doug Brady

Facility Manager

Phone: 651-430-2601

Bryan Karnuth

Assistant Facility Manager

Phone: 651-430-2601

Jackie Loughrey

Skating Director

Phone: 651-430-2601