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Our Program

Our goal is to teach skaters with their best interest in mind! Provide a positive and fun filled environment for skaters and their family. Help skaters accomplish their goals, no matter what they are!

Our Learn-to-Skate program is a nationally sanctioned program by the Ice Skating Institute (ISI). We welcome skaters of all ages and skill level, figure, hockey or just recreational. All skaters receive an ISI Membership. Skaters passed tests are registered with ISI in order to track an individual's progress, and give them the opportunity to compete with skaters at their level from around the world.

SKILL TESTS: Students will be evaluated and tested out of levels based on ISI testing standards. This will be done on the last day of classes, as well as throughout the session. Students will receive evaluation sheets, and their achievements are recognized and recorded nationally through the Ice Skating Institute (ISI).

WHAT TO WEAR: Skaters should wear warm comfortable clothes, with multiple layers. Skater must have legs covered. Please make sure your skater has gloves or mittens. Helmets are not required, but many skaters do wear them. If you choose to use one, any type will do.
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Jackie  Loughrey

Jackie Loughrey

Skating Director

Phone: 651-430-2601


Learn-to-Skate: Register ONLINE
Classes available for all ages and abilities!
Follow the link above to sign-up for the most current classes.

Coaching Staff
We have an expert coaching staff available to teach all ages, skill levels, and expertise. Whether you are looking for figure skating lessons or hockey lessons, we can help you out.

Contract Ice & Private Lessons
We have ice available year round designated for figure skaters. We understand the time commitment competitive figure skaters make, and we work our best to cater to their needs.

Exhibitions & Ice Show
We offer annual exhibitions that allow skaters the opportunity to get out on the ice and perform by themselves. Along with exhibitions, we put on an Annual Spring Ice Show for the skaters. This is an effort put on by the whole rink. There are amazing costumes, great skating, awesome decorations & so much fun. We welcome all to participate; registrations are due early winter, so keep your eyes open!